Heather the Bard

As I was surfing the ‘net last night I stumbled upon an article on labor and delivery statistics, written by some OB-Gyn. First off, I was floored to read that of the women who decide they want to “try” natural birth (i.e. no meds), most end up with drugs such as an epidural. Of the women who go into labor adamant about doing it natural, only about 50% make it without. Floored. Because I honestly didn’t realize so many had such a tough time. I won’t say my labor (natural) was a cakewalk, but it certainly didn’t feel nearly as hard as those statistics make it sound.

But the article got interesting, as it talked about labor times and delivery times. Apparently, for a first baby, it is not uncommon for women to push between an hour and three hours (and of course, they always say that many first-time moms…

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